Has the CIA Learned To Travel Through Time?

In MindTravel, Dick Sutphen takes you on an amazing journey into the unexplored realms of perception that exist all around you.

People have posed the question:
"If we could utilize a higher percentage of our mind power,
would it be possible to travel through time and space?"

Is it possible for people to know the future, revisit the past, and observe anyone or anything from a remote location, using only their mind?

The answer is YES!

In fact, the CIA and the Stanford Research Institute have proven it can happen. . . and you can prove it again . . . read more below.

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Yes, it seems too unbelievable to be true but if you master a 15-minute meditation and you can learn to:

  • Forecast the Future

  • Visit Past Lives

  • Make Sense of the Present

  • See Through Walls

  • Read People Like a Book

  • Heal Illness through Forecast the Future

  • Heal Illness through Thought and Touch ...

  • And find the one thing everyone yearns for!

Every time your intuition, hunch or gut feel proves accurate ...

every time a premonition materializes ...

every time your prayer comes true ...

every time you experience déja-vu ...

every time you sense the presence of an absent loved-one ...

every time good fortune comes your way ...

and every time misfortune misses you by a whisker ...

this is what really happens:

In what lasts less than a blink of an eye ...

... your mind travels to the “Fourth Dimension” (your “Super Conscious Mind”) where it sneaks a peek into the future and parallel realities and picks up a nugget of wisdom. Then your mind returns to the world of your five senses ... without remembering the incident.

And something else happens:

That nugget of wisdom you brought back manifests itself into a premonition, hunch or gut feel ...

that guides you in making a better decision, improving a relationship, saving you from a close call, pointing to treating a life-threatening illness or blessing you with good fortune.

Then, as you find yourself awed as events unfold in your favor -- without explanation, cause or reason -- you find yourself thanking your lucky stars or saying, “Wow, there is a God.” 

But the truth remains: your “Super Conscious Mind” does exist and when you enter it, you tap into infinite wisdom and divine powers that will benefit you.

But here’s the dilemma: when will your next visit take place?

Can you afford to wait for creative inspiration to strike ... to wait for an answer to arrive ... to wait for a sign from heaven to appear ...
or to wait for your inner voice to speak?

You’ve got important decisions to make now!

The good news is that you no longer have to wait!  You can travel to your “Super Conscious Mind” and pick up nuggets of wisdom and psychic powers at will.  I’m neither joking nor exaggerating.  Let me explain.

Mind Travel By Dick Sutphen Click Here

Hi, my name is Dick Sutphen and I’ve developed a 15-minute meditation exercise that enables you to travel to the “Fourth Dimension” whenever you wish, and stay as long as you want.

In just 15 minutes you can awaken your “sixth sense” and be able to:

be everywhere and see everything; erase harmful karma; rewrite your future; heal illness; and achieve the one thing that everyone yearns for and deserves ...

a life blessed with joy, meaning and inner peace.

With my method, you’ll tap into the unused 90 percent portion of your mind -- the part that operates at higher frequencies.

At these higher frequencies, you connect to a higher consciousness, receive information from the “collective unconscious” and have the power to:

SEE THE FUTURE. By being able to witness events before they happen, you can watch several scenarios and choose the most desirable outcome.

For instance, you can use this power to locate the ideal mate, pursue the perfect vocation, make better use of your talents, ensure the best life-path for your kids or make money on the stock market (see Russel Targ’s remarkable story on the next page).

Why stay in an unhealthy relationship, the wrong job, or paralyzed by worry when you can easily step into the future and see your true path.  It’s there waiting for you.

VISIT THE PAST and gain insight into your life. If you’ve ever had the nagging feeling that you’ve met a stranger before, you have; in a past life. When you explore your past lives, you can free yourself from negative baggage, set an exciting new course and help others live fuller, more rewarding lives. The answers are there.

Until you understand the past, and break free from negative karma, you will be forced to continue the cycle. Liberate yourself now!

HEAL ILLNESS AND ELIMINATE PAIN. Using just your thoughts and touch, you can direct energy to heal yourself, friends and loved-ones.

EXPERIENCE RELATIONSHIPS as they’re meant to be: open, honest, intimate, loving, trusting, satisfying and enduring.

UNLEASH YOUR INNER WISDOM and solve problems, overcome fears, be more creative and learn faster. Tap into the unused portion of your brain where your intelligence multiplies by a factor of 900%.

EXPERIENCE THE LIGHTNESS OF BEING. Walk relaxed, at ease, as a quietness of spirit permeates your body and mind.

FIND LASTING INNER PEACE as you live a life filled with meaning, joy and satisfaction. Only when you really know the truth, and tap into your innate powers, will you be free to live life as it was meant.

Plus, this last one, which may be the toughest for many to swallow:

REMOTE VIEW. See through walls. Transcend physical boundaries and watch any event taking place anywhere in the world at this moment.

Mind Travel By Dick Sutphen Click Here

I’ve recorded my simple meditation exercise -- along with plenty of
proof that we all have psychic powers and how you can tap into yours --
on an audio program titled, Mind Travel: Radical Ways to Use Your Mind for Healing, Improved Relationships, and Inner Calm.

Listen to Mind Travel, and hear:

  • Evidence that the U.S. Defense Department, CIA and the Russians have been using psychic powers for remote spying in “Project Scan-Gate,” “Operation Sun Streak,” “Operation Star Gate” and “Project Grill Flame.”

  • Eye-opening results from research scientists at Stanford Research Institute at Stanford University on “Psychokinesis” (the ability to move objects with your mind).

  • Recently declassified military information from the Monroe Institute where Joe McMonigal, a retired US Army Intelligence Officer who received the prestigious Legion of Merit Award, performed amazing tests in which he projected his mind to the planet Mars; proving the existence of UFOs.

  • Albert Einstein’s technique for coming up with brilliant theories and creative solutions (it’s similar to my 15-minute meditation exercise).

  • A remarkable feat -- documented in the Wall St. Journal -- in which Russell Targ looked into the future, accurately forecasted stock prices for nine consecutive weeks and earned $120,000. Hal Putoff used the same method and earned $25,000. You’ll also hear about a famous billionaire investor who uses a psychic’s advice on multi-million dollar deals.

  • The revelation discovered by scientists from Newark College in New Jersey when they divided a group of 67 company presidents and asked them to guess a number randomly picked by a computer.

  • Surprising findings when a University of Texas political science professor tested the ESP skills of 2,000 managers and stumbled upon the startling method by which they make their most important decisions.

  • How psychics help businesses forecast which new products will succeed, which person to hire and why profits are down (hear how it took Dr. Gill Gillie just 20 minutes to solve a Cadillac dealer’s money problems).

  • Case studies in which people used their new-found psychic powers to overcome their personal problems, including:

    • a 300-pound, 22-year-old woman who couldn’t lose weight

    • a man who suffered from back pain; a woman plagued with migraines;

    • Carla and her disdain for children;

    • Sandra and her insecurity

    • Belinda’s distrust of men; John’s dislike of Asians

    • a workaholic; a woman paralyzed by insecurity

    • a couple who couldn’t have children

    • and much more.

  • “The Law of Grace” and how to apply it to cancel out stored up bad karma.

  • News of a book written centuries ago that forecasted over 1,000 events with uncanny accuracy: The Great Depression; the moon landing, including Armstrong’s famous words; and even the Oklahoma City bombing, along with these words, “Murrah Building, death, desolated, slaughtered, killed, torn to pieces.  His name is Timothy McVeigh.  Day 19 on the 9th hour in the morning he ambushed, he pounced. Terror.”

  • The concept of “Cosmic Fishing” as Buckminster Fuller, world-famous engineer, inventor, designer, architect, writer, educator, philosopher and poet described the source of much of his success.

  • And much, much more.

During the past 20 years I’ve shown 125,000 people how to tap into their psychic powers and use them to transform their lives.  Now I’d like to show you.

Mind Travel By Dick Sutphen Click Here

Free Bonus

Reply now and you will receive this bonus CD which gives you valuable additional insight into psychic powers, plus a meditation session using the “theta pulse.”

Session A is entitled, “One Soul/ Many Journeys.”  On it I explain “parallel lives” and the “oversoul.”  I also share my personal adventures and experiences along with practical uses of mind travel.

Session B is music and “theta pulse” -- without any verbal guidance -- which you can use in your private meditations.  It takes you from full
beta (wide awake) down through alpha (meditative state) and into theta consciousness (deep meditation/altered state).

Mind Travel By Dick Sutphen Click Here

To a lot of people, my claims sound farfetched. But if you’re the least bit curious in learning about your innate psychic powers, and how you can tap into them. You have nothing to lose, and much to gain.


Dick Sutphen

P.S. You can spend the rest of your life waiting for hunches and premonitions to appear ... or, you can learn how to tap into your higher wisdom whenever you wish and use it to aid you in every facet of your life.

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In MindTravel, Dick Sutphen takes you on an amazing journey into the unexplored realms of perception that exist all around you.

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